Exercises with an elastic band – training for all muscle groups at home and in the gym

Exercises with an elastic band – training for all muscle groups at home and in the gym

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Strength training at home can be done with resistance bands. They provide a functional alternative to deadlifts, squats, push-ups, and various pull-ups. You can perform basic biceps and triceps exercises with a fitness band.

Exercising with an elastic band at home or outdoors is one of the most affordable and compact sports options. Although resistance bands don’t offer the same muscle-building benefits as dumbbells, they are more compact and useful for developing muscle strength. In addition, using them helps you develop a more proportioned body through muscle building. You can complete a full-body workout by using fitness bands and harnesses of different weights. Check out the materials below to learn about useful exercises you can do with these bands attached to your back, chest, arms, legs, and abdomen. It is recommended to use resistance bands when performing the exercises.

// Exercises with an elastic band

Fitness bands

What is a fitness band?

Afitness band is an elastic band of various shapes and densities. It consists of two elastic bands with handles for gripping the arms or legs and a solid wide band. In most cases, a set of resistance bands includes bands of different stiffness, which allows you to vary the load during training.

Unlike the TRX belt, which is made of durable nylon, the training belt is made of elastic material. This allows you to use them to create additional resistance, while TRX exercises are mostly bodyweight pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups, but at different angles.

The use of fitness bands as an alternative to resistance bands is an improved version of their original concept. Since both of them create muscle tension through elasticity, they promote even muscle development during a workout. It also promotes muscle balance and improved muscle symmetry.

What are the benefits of exercising with fitness bands? Pros and cons

Fitness bands offer a huge advantage over traditional strength training. They are much more compact and do not require additional weight equipment. Instead, they allow you to perform full-blown home workouts that increase strength and improve posture. Fitness bands also improve brain-muscle communication and increase the connection between muscles and the nervous system.

One of the disadvantages of using rubber bands is that they don’t allow you to work with heavy weights. In addition, you can only use resistance bands for a limited number of exercises due to their limitations. For example, you can’t build significant muscle mass with resistance bands – you need access to a horizontal bar.

Full body workout with resistance bands

Workout plan with resistance bands:

  • 3-4 workouts per week for 40-60 minutes
  • first, a set of abdominal exercises
  • exercises with an elastic band
  • stretching and holding exercises

1. Exercises with an elastic band – push-ups with a tourniquet

Віджимання з резинкою

To perform this exercise correctly, place the resistance band behind your back and grip it with both hands. Then take a push-up position, pressing the band to the floor below you. While maintaining awareness of the contraction of the pectoral muscles and lower body, extend your arms as high as possible before lowering to the starting position.

2. Reverse trapeze curls

Зворотні розведення на трапеції

To perform the exercise, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and a resistance band in each hand. Your arms should be stretched out in front of you, your elbows should be locked, and your shoulders should be brought together. Without twitching or bending your elbows, slowly move your arms apart until they touch your chest.

3. Pulling on the press with an elastic band

Тяга на прес з резинкою

Before starting the exercise, gently tighten the band around your waist. Stand straight, bend your knees slightly, and stretch your arms out in front of you. Then take a firm grip on the elastic band and pull it firmly to your body. Start by tensing your abdominal muscles, then slowly pull the band towards your abdomen, avoiding unintentional body movements. Finish by returning to the starting position.

4. Standing waist band pulls

Тяга джгута до пояса стоячи

Firmly fasten the elastic band to your wrist. Stand with your feet at least shoulder-width apart and your stomach squeezed. Begin by contracting your abdominal muscles before pulling the harness toward the middle. Avoid any gymnastic or twisting movements while removing the harness. When you are done, reverse the motion to start again.

5. Squats with an elastic band

Присідання з резинкою

Make sure the resistance band is securely fastened. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your stomach tight. The exercise can be performed with one or both hands, slowly pulling the resistance band into the abdomen. The muscles worked by this exercise are the most powerful muscles in the back.

6. Standing hyperextensions

Гіперекстензії стоячи

Start by holding the bottom loop of the resistance band with both feet. Then place your hands behind your neck to grip the top edge. As you squat down, maintain a natural curve in your back without contracting your abdominal muscles. Finish by shooting straight up from the lowest point.

7. Biceps curl

Згинання на біцепс

This exercise requires the use of a band with special handles. Wrap the bottom of the band with your legs. Next, bend your arms at the elbows using your biceps. Make sure that your elbows do not move or push forward or backward. Then do this exercise by holding the handles attached to the band.

8. Triceps extension

Розгинання на трицепс

Grab the resistance band with both hands and stand up straight. Tighten your pelvis and tighten your abdominal muscles. Then pull your knees up to your chest and grab the resistance band with both hands. As you exhale, pull the resistance band down with considerable force in your triceps. Avoid pressing your elbows tightly against your body or moving them to another location.

Rules for training exercises with an elastic band

When you start training with rubber bands, it is recommended to perform a 5-7 minute light warm-up. This can be done before performing 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions in the main workout. Some other workout options include jogging on a seesaw, shadow running, or using an exercise bike. Use with a fitness band to regulate your breathing during performance. Use an inhale to pull the band in and an exhale to release it. Take a break of 30-60 seconds between each set.

An excellent addition to the proposed training program will be abdominal exercises – they can be done at home without special equipment. First, we are talking about the plank, as well as straight and side curls. If you have a barbell, be sure to include it in your pull-up program – we’ve already shown you how to learn how to do pull-ups with a fitness band.

How to pump up your abs with exercises with an elastic band?

Як накачати прес резинками
How to pump up your abs with an elastic band?

Fitness bands increase the effectiveness of muscle training by providing additional resistance. This is because they encourage training by requiring multiple turns as you move. Performing complex exercises with these straps adds an extra challenge for more experienced athletes.

It is important to note that performing exercises with rubber bands around the waist helps develop awareness of the external oblique muscle in the lower abdomen. To do this, use a thick, medium-soft elastic band. Then wrap it tightly around your waist and body. This procedure will help you to understand the tension experienced by the abdominal muscles during your workout.

Exercises with an elastic band for women

When women use resistance bands for fitness, they perform exercises that engage their slow muscles. These fibers use free fatty acids for fuel instead of glycogen. The use of bands increases the elasticity of connective tissue and reduces cellulite.

Hypertrophy of the gluteus medius muscle is a key anti-cellulite focus of any training regimen.It is this muscle that gives the hips their characteristic roundness – but it is not used even when walking, which requires special hip exercises.


Exercises with a fitness band are a method of strength training for men at home. The presence of tight harnesses and elastic bands with handles will allow you to perform most functional exercises – squats, push-ups and even variations of the deadlift. You can also perform biceps and triceps exercises with a fitness band.

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